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GN Solids Control, a leading manufacturer of solids control equipment, offers a comprehensive range of products tailored to meet the specific needs of the drilling industry. We are proud to announce another order delivery for the domestic market.

The GN Desander and Desilter Centrifuge is a highly efficient solid-liquid separation equipment that is primarily utilized for removing solid particles such as sand and mud from drilling fluids. This specialized piece of machinery, a large rotating drum centrifuge, is designed to excel in its function.

The centrifugal force generated by the rotating drum and screw conveyor assembly within the machine effectively separates the solid particles from the drilling fluid. These solids are then expelled through designated outlets, ensuring a cleaner and more refined drilling fluid.

One of the key advantages of the GN Desander and Desilter Centrifuge is its ability to handle a wide range of particle sizes. Its large capacity allows for efficient processing, making it suitable for various drilling applications. Additionally, its compact design and straightforward operation contribute to its ease of use and maintenance.

When compared to traditional desanding and desilting machines, the GN Centrifuge offers superior separation efficiency and a higher quality of recovered drilling fluid. This not only improves the solid-phase control of the drilling fluid but also enhances drilling efficiency, ultimately leading to reduced drilling costs.

Given its exceptional performance and reliability, the GN Desander and Desilter Centrifuge holds immense potential in the petroleum drilling industry. It is a valuable asset that can significantly contribute to improving the overall quality of drilling operations and reducing operational costs.

In conclusion, the GN Desander and Desilter Centrifuge is a cutting-edge solid-liquid separation solution for China's drilling companies. Its high separation efficiency, large capacity, and user-friendly design make it a top choice for enhancing drilling fluid quality and drilling efficiency, ultimately driving down costs and maximizing operational benefits.

For our esteemed customer in the Middle East, we proudly present the GN 5m3 Oily Sludge Treatment System, a comprehensive solution tailored to meet the unique challenges of oily sludge treatment in the region. This advanced system is designed to efficiently and effectively treat oily sludge, ensuring environmental compliance and operational excellence.

At the heart of this system lies the Premixing tank, which serves as the initial stage of the treatment process. It is responsible for homogenizing the sludge mixture, preparing it for further processing.

The GNZS706 fine shaker, as the first phase solids control equipment in the drilling fluids processing system, plays a pivotal role in the overall solids control process. Also known as the key solids control equipment in the drilling mud system, the shale shaker determines the performance of the entire solids control system. GN Solids Control offers a range of customizable options, including double shakers and triplicate shakers on a single skid, to meet the specific requirements of our clients. Additionally, we provide relevant connecting manifolds, ensuring seamless integration within the overall system.

Our GNLW364 three-phase decanter centrifuge is a technological marvel, designed to simultaneously separate two liquid phases from a solid phase. The separation principle of the decanter centrifuge relies on G force, which allows for the efficient separation of the different densities of the immiscible liquids and solid. This ensures that all three phases can be discharged simultaneously, greatly enhancing the efficiency of the entire treatment process.

GN Solids Control is a leader in the design and manufacture of three-phase decanters, offering a range of bowl sizes including 360mm, 450mm, and 550mm to cater to different treatment requirements. Our expertise in this field ensures that our centrifuges are not only highly efficient but also durable and reliable, providing our clients with a cost-effective and long-term solution for oily sludge treatment.

In conclusion, the GN 5m3 Oily Sludge Treatment System, with its comprehensive configuration including the Premixing tank, GNZS706 fine shaker, GNLW364 three-phase decanter centrifuge, and containerized chemical dosing system, offers a comprehensive and efficient solution for oily sludge treatment in the Middle East. We are confident that this system will meet the stringent environmental regulations and operational demands of our customer, while also contributing to the sustainable development of the region.

GN Solids Control, a leading manufacturer of solids control equipment, offers a comprehensive range of products tailored to meet the specific needs of Africa's drilling industry. Among its esteemed offerings are the GN desander and desilter, which occupy a pivotal role in treating drilling fluids.

The GN desander and desilter, classified as second and third-class solid control equipment, are designed to efficiently process drilling fluids. Their classification is primarily based on the size of the cone diameter. Typically, desanders feature a cone diameter exceeding 6″, while desilters have a cone diameter less than 6″. Commonly used models, such as the 8″ and 10″ cones desander, are effective in separating solid-phase particles ranging from 47-76μm in drilling fluids. Similarly, the 5″ and 4″ cones excel in separating particles sized 15-47μm.

Complementing this solid-phase separation system is the JBQ series mud agitator. This agitator, especially the models below 5.5 kW, employs a blender cycloid speed reducer, making it suitable for drug liquids mixing tanks. Its compact structure ensures minimal space occupation. On the other hand, agitators rated above 7.5 kW utilize a turbo and worm gear speed reducer, offering high torque transmission, stable revolution, and reliable performance. Common models include the JBQ5.5kW, JBQ7.5kW, JBQ11kW, and JBQ15kW. These agitators are crucial components in GN Solids Control's drilling fluids processing system.

Moreover, the GNSB Series centrifugal pump plays a vital role in slurry, mud, or water transfer. It can serve as a feeding pump for desander and desilter or as a mixing pump for Jet Mud Mixer. Additionally, it finds application as a trip pump and supercharging pump for rig mud pumps. All GN model centrifugal pumps feature tungsten carbide mechanical seals and renowned brand bearings, ensuring durability and reliability. Their interchangeable spare parts with most international brand pumps facilitate easy sourcing and maintenance. The pumps' open impeller design reduces axial thrust loads, simplifying installation, repair, and maintenance processes.

GN Solids Control Equipment, with its innovative designs and robust performance, is a trusted choice for Africa's drilling clients. Its desander, desilter, mud agitator, and centrifugal pump offer a comprehensive solution for efficient drilling fluid treatment, ensuring smoother and more cost-effective drilling operations.

GN Separation, a leading manufacturer specializing in mineral processing equipment, is thrilled to announce its participation in the prestigious MiningWorld Russia 2024 exhibition. This year's edition, scheduled to take place from April 23 to 25, will be held at the Crocus Expo, Pavilion 1, in Moscow, Russia.

At the heart of GN Separation's showcase will be its cutting-edge GN Stack Vibrating Screen. This remarkable piece of machinery is primarily designed for wet screening, classification, and dehydration of fine-grained materials across various industries, including mineral processing and coal preparation. Its versatility and adaptability make it a standout choice for on-site operations, as it can be configured with 2 to 5 layers depending on specific requirements.

The GN Stack Vibrating Screen is a testament to GN's innovative spirit and technological prowess. Driven by a single vibration source, comprising dual vibration motors, it utilizes the principle of two-degree-of-freedom resonance to achieve linear vibration throughout the entire machine. This unique vibration mode not only ensures energy efficiency but also delivers exceptional screening efficiency and processing capacity.

What sets the GN Stack Vibrating Screen apart is its advanced technology, simple yet robust design, and reliable operation. Its Polyurethane Screen Mesh boasts a high opening rate ranging from 28-45%, ensuring optimal performance and extending the mesh's lifespan to over six months. These features collectively position the GN Stack Vibrating Screen as one of the most advanced equipment in fine-grained material screening.

At MiningWorld Russia 2024, GN Separation invites visitors to booth B5001, Hall 2, to witness the GN Stack Vibrating Screen in action and discover how it can revolutionize their mineral processing operations. With its unparalleled performance and reliability, GN Separation is confident that its solutions will meet and exceed the expectations of mining professionals from around the globe.

For more information about GN Separation and its products, please visit our official website or contact us directly at the exhibition. We look forward to meeting you at MiningWorld Russia 2024 and discussing how we can collaborate to achieve greater efficiencies and success in the mining industry.

This week, GN Solids Control proudly participated in the 24th China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition, commonly known as the Beijing CIPPE Oil Equipment Show, held at the Beijing New China International Exhibition Center.

The event provided a platform for GN to showcase its latest equipment and technological advancements in the oil and gas industry.

Among the highlights of the exhibition was the GN ViST Shaker, a traditional shaker enhanced with a vacuum screen unit. This innovative equipment is capable of recovering an impressive 20~30% of liquid from drilling mud, significantly reducing waste and minimizing the need for new drilling mud over time.

Furthermore, GN Solids Control exhibited its Decanter Centrifuge, a core unit for solids and liquid separation. The displayed models included the 2-phase decanter centrifuge GNLW632A and GNLW554FT-VFD, as well as the advanced Second Generation 3-phase decanter centrifuge GNLWS364FT-VFD. These centrifuges are designed to efficiently separate solids from liquids, ensuring optimal performance in various oilfield applications.

GN also showcased its disc stack separator, a device that utilizes high-speed centrifugal force to rapidly separate solid and liquid. The exhibited 3-phase disc stack separator GNSD90 demonstrated GN's commitment to providing cutting-edge technology in the field of solids control.

Additionally, the GN Cuttings Dryer, widely used in OBM and SBM treating, was a key attraction at the exhibition. This dryer effectively controls the oil content in cuttings to below 5%, significantly reducing it from levels above 15%. GN Solids Control offers cuttings dryers with interchangeable screen baskets of different sizes, tailored to meet the specific needs of various materials.

The GN Solids Vacuum Pump was another star attraction at the show. Models GNSP-10B and GNSP-40B were displayed, offering a reliable solution for moving high-viscosity drilling cuttings, solids, or sludge. GN has developed three distinct models of vacuum pumps, including GNSP-10B, GNSP-20B, and GNSP-40B, each designed to meet specific challenges in the oilfield.

Lastly, the GN Screw Conveyor, an efficient solids transfer unit, was also exhibited. It is commonly used to remove drill cuttings discharged from shakers, desanders, and desilters, ensuring smooth and efficient operation within a certain length.

GN Solids Control, as a leading provider of solids control equipment and solutions, has established a strong reputation in the global oil and gas industry. With a focus on innovation and quality, the company continuously invests in research and development to bring the most advanced technology to its customers. GN's products are widely recognized for their reliability, durability, and efficiency, making them a trusted choice for oilfield operations worldwide.

The company's participation in the Beijing CIPPE Oil Equipment Show further demonstrates its commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry and sharing its expertise with a global audience. GN Solids Control looks forward to continuing to serve its customers with innovative and reliable equipment that supports sustainable and efficient oilfield operations.