Blue Flower

In the world of municipal sludge management, finding an efficient and environmentally friendly solution for sludge dewatering is crucial. GN's latest product, The GNDL303 screw press is a perfect fit for this challenge, offering a cost-effective and sustainable approach to sludge dewatering in US municipalities.

The GNDL303 screw press utilizes the principle of screw extrusion to achieve solid-liquid separation. Through the powerful squeezing force generated by the varying screw diameter and pitch, as well as the minute gap between the floating ring and fixed ring, the sludge is compressed and dewatered. This process not only ensures efficient water removal but also reduces the volume of the sludge, making it easier to handle and transport.


The GNDL303 screw press comes equipped with a fully automatic control cabinet, flocculation modulation box, sludge thickening and dewatering device, and liquid collecting tank. The automatic control technology allows for fully automatic flocculation operation, continuously completing sludge thickening and squeezing. The collected filtrate liquid can then be recycled or discharged safely.


The advantages of the GNDL303 screw press are numerous. It is suitable for a wide range of sludge types, including oily sludge, and can operate continuously and automatically without the risk of clogging. Additionally, it boasts low investment and operation costs, as well as energy-saving and environmentally friendly features. Its compact design also minimizes the required footprint, making it a practical solution for space-constrained municipal facilities.


Lastly, the GNDL303 screw press can dewater sludge under aerobic conditions, which avoids the release of phosphorus from anaerobic sludge dewatering. This further enhances its environmental benefits and makes it a preferred choice for municipalities looking for a reliable sludge dewatering solution.


In conclusion, the GNDL303 screw press is an excellent choice for US municipal sludge dewatering,