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GN as a leading manufacturer and supplier of solid-liquid separation equipment, has recently introduced its Screw Press Unit, model GNDL301, to overseas markets. This unit is specially designed for efficient dewatering of municipal sludge.

With a low energy consumption, the GN Screw Press Unit offers a cost-effective solution for sludge dewatering. It effectively removes water from sludge, reducing its volume and weight, making it easier and more economical to handle and transport. The dewatered sludge can also be further processed for disposal or resource recovery.

The GNDL301 Screw Press Unit incorporates advanced technology and innovative design. It features a robust screw shaft that rotates at a suitbale speed, exerting pressure on the sludge to squeeze out the water. This mechanism ensures thorough dewatering while minimizing water content in the discharged sludge.

One of the significant advantages of the GN Screw Press Unit is the low energy consumption. Its efficient dewatering process requires minimal power input, resulting in considerable cost savings for operators. This environmentally friendly solution helps reduce the carbon footprint of sludge management operations.

Furthermore, the GN Screw Press Unit is capable of achieving impressive dryness levels in the dewatered sludge. This remarkable feature reduces the weight and volume of the sludge, facilitating its disposal or further treatment. Additionally, the drier sludge helps minimize odor and improves the overall handling and transport process.

GN has delivered two units of the GNDL301 Screw Press to overseas customers, marking a successful expansion of its market reach. The company remains committed to providing top-quality sludge dewatering solutions to the global market, addressing the increasing demand for sustainable and efficient waste management.

GN Screw Press GNDL301, offers exceptional performance in the dewatering of municipal sludge. Its low energy consumption, efficient water removal, and high dryness levels make it an ideal solution for sludge management. GN's dedication to innovation and sustainability sets it apart as a reliable provider of solid-liquid separation equipment worldwide.

GN Solids Australia Pty Ltd recently announced its official establishment in Brisbane, Australia. The primary objective behind this move is to better serve the clients of the Australian market. The company is dedicated to providing quality solids control equipment for the oil and gas industry, as well as separation equipment for the mining industry.

By establishing a warehouse in Brisbane, GN Solids Australia aims to significantly reduce delivery time. This will allow them to respond to their clients' needs promptly and efficiently. The warehouse will be stocked with a wide range of equipment, ensuring that customers have easy access to the products they require.

With their extensive experience and expertise in the industry, GN Solids Australia is poised to provide top-notch products and services to the Australian market.

The oil and gas industry in Australia has been flourishing in recent years, with numerous projects being developed. GN Solids Australia recognizes the potential in this market and aims to meet the increasing demand for solid control equipment. Their state-of-the-art technology and high-quality products will contribute to the efficiency and productivity of oil and gas operations in the country.

Additionally, the mining industry also presents a significant opportunity for GN Solids Australia. With the abundance of natural resources in Australia, the mining sector is essential for the country's economy. The separation equipment provided by GN Solids Australia will enable mining companies to extract minerals effectively and sustainably.

The establishment of GN Solids Australia in Brisbane demonstrates the company's commitment to expanding its global presence and serving clients on a local level. This strategic move will not only strengthen their existing customer relationships but also allow them to forge new partnerships within the Australian market.

The establishment of GN Solids Australia Pty Ltd in Brisbane, Australia marks an important milestone for the company. By focusing on solid control equipment for the oil and gas industry and separation equipment for the mining industry, they are well-positioned to provide exceptional products and services to their Australian clients. Their warehouse in Brisbane will play a crucial role in ensuring efficient delivery and customer satisfaction.

As a leader in the drilling industry, we understand the critical role of efficient solids control equipment in ensuring drilling success. With the ViST Electric Vacuum Shale Shaker, we aim to enhance drilling performance, improve drilling fluid recovery, and reduce environmental impact, making it a game-changer for drilling operations in China.

The ViST Electric Vacuum Shale Shaker is a cutting-edge innovation that redefines the standards of solids control in the drilling industry. It employs an advanced vacuum technology that significantly improves the drilling fluid recovery process. By creating a strong vacuum effect, the ViST Shale Shaker effectively removes trapped gas and liquids from the drilled cuttings, allowing for enhanced fluid recovery and reduced waste volume.

Improved Drilling Fluid Recovery:
The ViST Electric Vacuum Shale Shaker boosts the recovery of valuable drilling fluids that would otherwise be lost in conventional shaker systems. This feature not only leads to cost savings but also ensures a continuous supply of clean drilling fluids to the rig, resulting in improved drilling efficiency and reduced downtime.

Reduced Environmental Impact:
As environmental concerns continue to grow, the ViST Shale Shaker plays a vital role in reducing drilling operations' environmental footprint. By optimizing drilling fluid recovery, it minimizes waste generation, thereby decreasing the need for waste disposal and mitigating environmental impact.

Enhanced Solids Control:
The ViST Electric Vacuum Shale Shaker excels in efficient solids control, effectively separating and removing drilling cuttings from the drilling fluids. With this improved separation efficiency, drilling companies can maintain stable drilling conditions and protect downstream equipment from unnecessary wear and tear.

Increased Cost-effectiveness:
By maximizing drilling fluid recovery and reducing waste volume, the ViST Shale Shaker delivers a significant return on investment for China Drilling Companies. The cost-effectiveness of this advanced solids control technology is evident in reduced operational expenses and extended equipment lifespan.

The ViST Electric Vacuum Shale Shaker is a game-changing solution for China Drilling Companies seeking to enhance their drilling performance and reduce environmental impact. With its innovative vacuum technology, this shale shaker offers improved drilling fluid recovery, superior solids control, and increased cost-effectiveness.

Embrace the future of solids control and join us in revolutionizing drilling operations across China. The ViST Electric Vacuum Shale Shaker is the key to unlocking enhanced drilling performance and sustainability in the modern drilling industry.

For more information and to explore the benefits of the ViST Shale Shaker, please visit our website or contact us today!

The Diamond Core Drilling Solids Removal Unit is a revolutionary solution for any drilling company looking to improve their drilling capabilities. Our project successfully utilizes GNZS752 vibration sifter and GNLW224 impactor to achieve efficient solids removal.

The GNZS752 vibration sifter is a cutting-edge device that ensures precise vibration sifter separation. It is designed to separate bigger particles from the drilling rigs, making it an ideal device for our drilling application. The GNLW224 impactor, on the other hand, is an essential tool for drilling applications, which enables our drilling rigs to efficiently remove fine solids.

The compact design of the equipment makes it easy for our clients to transport the unit from one location to another. This feature is particularly valuable when our clients need to relocate their drilling rigs frequently. The small footprint of the equipment also minimizes the risk of damage to the drilling rigs while transporting them.

The Diamond Core Drilling Solids Removal Unit is an excellent choice for any drilling company looking to enhance their drilling capabilities. Its efficient solids removal process ensures that our clients' drilling operations are smooth and unparalleled. We are confident that our solution will benefit your drilling operations, and we look forward to working with you.

In the oil drilling industry, proper management and disposal of drilling fluids or mud is of utmost importance. This is where GN Solids Vacuum Pump and Mud Cleaner come into play, providing effective solutions for cleaning drilling mud for oilfield service companies.

The GN Solids Vacuum Pump is an essential piece of equipment designed to efficiently extract solids and drilling fluids from the drilling pits or tanks. With a strong suction capacity, the vacuum pump effectively removes the heavy solids, sand, and other waste materials from the drilling fluids, ensuring that the mud is kept clean and free from contaminants. This results in improved drilling performance and reduces the chances of equipment failure and downtime.

Another crucial equipment for oilfield service companies is the Mud Cleaner. The mud cleaner, specifically the GNZS594J-2S12N model, plays a vital role in the solid control system by separating and removing fine solids from the drilling mud. This cleaner combines the functions of shale shaker, desander, and desilter, making it highly efficient in removing various particle sizes from the drilling fluid. The GNZS594J-2S12N mud cleaner is specifically designed to handle larger capacities, ensuring a robust and reliable performance for oilfield service companies.

Additionally, the decanter centrifuge, with the GNLW363D model, provides effective solid-liquid separation. It uses centrifugal force to separate the solid particles from the liquid, resulting in cleaner and reusable drilling fluids. The GNLW363D decanter centrifuge is known for its high-speed separation and excellent performance in removing fine solids from the mud, allowing for efficient drilling operations.

The combination of the GN Solids Vacuum Pump, mud cleaner, and decanter centrifuge provides a comprehensive solution for oilfield service companies in the Middle East region. These equipment ensure that drilling fluids are properly cleaned, reducing the environmental impact and enhancing overall operational efficiency. Moreover, the use of these advanced technologies helps to extend the lifespan of the drilling fluids, leading to cost savings for the oilfield service company.

 GN Solids Vacuum Pump and Mud Cleaner, along with the GNLW363D decanter centrifuge, are crucial equipment for oilfield service companies involved in drilling operations in the Middle East. These equipment ensure the efficient cleaning and management of drilling fluids, resulting in improved drilling performance and reduced environmental impact. The GNZS594J-2S12N mud cleaner and GNLW363D decanter centrifuge, in particular, are highly reliable models that deliver exceptional results. Overall, investing in these technologies is a wise choice for oilfield service companies to enhance their operations in the Middle East and other drilling regions.