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In this project, GN delivered the GNLW-364 decanter centrifuge, its VFD electric control cabinet, and a polymer dosing unit. In the chemical industry, users often need to separate small particles of solids, so a flocculant needs to be added to bind the small particles of solids into larger ones, and then pumped into the centrifuge for solid-liquid separation. The GNLW364 model has a longer rotor, which allows the material to stay in the rotor for a longer time, resulting in more thorough solid-liquid separation. This allows the customer to obtain a drier solid phase and a cleaner liquid phase.

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GN Solids Control has extensive experience and expertise in the field of centrifuge separation technology. Their products are known for their high efficiency, reliability, and durability. In addition, they offer excellent customer service and technical support to ensure that customers' needs are met.

Overall, the GNLW364-VFD Decanter Centrifuge is an ideal solution for overseas chemical plants that require efficient solid-liquid separation. With its advanced technology and reliable performance, this centrifuge can help plants improve production efficiency and product quality. Till now, GN decanter centrifuge already was exported to more than 70 countries and served more than 100000 project. Especially the oil gas industry and drilling industry. We have one series centrifuge with different treating capacity and application. For dewatering , clarification ,separation. GN will recommend model according to your project. Customized separation system is also what we are good at. From GN website you can find, we have shaker,hydrocyclone ,decanter centrifuge ,screw press dewatering machine for different kind material and different sizes solids separation. We provide customized separate solution for your project to help you save cost and improve working efficiency.

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In addition, GN Solids America was established to better serve local customers. With their local presence and expertise, GN Solids America can provide more personalized and timely support to meet the specific needs of customers in the Americas region.

GN Separation, a leading manufacturer of solid-liquid separation equipment, recently took part in the SMOPYC Mining Exhibition, one of the most prestigious mining events in Spain. The exhibition saw a wide range of companies displaying their latest products and technologies, and GN Separation was no exception. The company showcased its top-of-the-line solid-liquid separation solutions, including the Linear Vibrating Screen GNLMP1224 and polyurethane screen panels.

The Linear Vibrating Screen GNLMP1224 is designed for the efficient separation of solid particles from liquids, making it an ideal choice for the mining industry. Its high-performance capabilities and durability make it an excellent solution for the rigorous demands of mining operations. The polyurethane screen panels, on the other hand, are known for their long service life and high screening efficiency, making them a popular choice for many mining applications.

Aside from mining screens, GN Separation is also known for providing customized solid-liquid separation solutions to its customers. Depending on the size of solid particles, GN offers a range of separation equipment such as hydrocyclones, decanter centrifuges, disc stack separators, and more. These solutions are tailored to the specific requirements of customers, ensuring that their separation needs are met effectively.

GN Separation also excels in combining different separation equipment to create a comprehensive system that meets the unique needs of its customers. By integrating various separation equipment and process systems, GN is able to provide efficient and cost-effective solutions for a wide range of applications.

At the SMOPYC Mining Exhibition, GN Separation had the opportunity to showcase its expertise and innovative solutions in the field of solid-liquid separation. The company's participation in the exhibition was a great success, allowing it to connect with industry professionals and showcase its commitment to delivering high-quality products and services to the mining sector.

Overall, GN Separation's presence at the SMOPYC Mining Exhibition demonstrated its dedication to providing advanced solid-liquid separation solutions for the mining industry. With its extensive range of products and customized solutions, the company continues to play a significant role in meeting the evolving needs of the mining sector.

When it comes to drilling operations, the need for efficient and reliable solids control equipment and pumps is essential. Asia Drilling Company, a leading player in the oil and gas industry, understands the importance of using high-quality equipment to ensure smooth and effective drilling operations. This is why they have turned to GN Solids Control, a factory with 15 years of experience in the production of separation and conveying equipment.
GN Solids Control is well-known for its expertise in providing one-stop solutions for solid-liquid separation and conveying problems. The company offers a range of solid control equipment and pumps, including the GN centrifugal pump and the 20B vacuum pump, both of which are vital for the success of drilling operations.

The GN centrifugal pump is designed to handle drilling fluids and is widely used for a variety of applications, including transferring mud to shakers, desanders, and desilters. It is a highly efficient and reliable pump that helps to maintain the proper pressure and flow of drilling fluids, ensuring the smooth running of the entire drilling process.
In addition to the centrifugal pump, GN Solids Control also offers the 20B vacuum pump, which is used for the safe and efficient transfer of drilling fluids. This pump is designed to handle a wide range of fluids, including corrosive and abrasive materials, making it a versatile and reliable solution for Asia Drilling Company's operations.
What sets GN Solids Control apart is its commitment to providing customized equipment systems to meet the specific needs of its clients. With a strong focus on technical support and a wealth of manufacturing experience, GN Solids Control is able to design and deliver equipment systems that are not only efficient and reliable but also tailored to the unique requirements of Asia Drilling Company.
In conclusion, the partnership between GN Solids Control and Asia Drilling Company is a testament to the importance of using high-quality solids control equipment and pumps in the drilling industry. With GN Solids Control's expertise and commitment to excellence, Asia Drilling Company can be confident in the reliability and efficiency of its equipment, ensuring the success of its drilling operations.

GN Separation made a significant impact at the China Coal & Mining Expo 2023 by showcasing their innovative separation equipment. The two standout products on display were the Linear Dewatering Vibrating Screen and the Tailing Dewatering Centrifuge. These cutting-edge solutions address crucial needs in the coal and mining industry, with the vibrating screen being instrumental in sorting solid particles by size, and the dewatering centrifuge offering versatile applications in tailings management, wastewater purification, and solid recovery.

The Linear Dewatering Vibrating Screen exhibited by GN Separation at the expo is a remarkable piece of equipment designed to cater to the needs of the mining and coal industry. Its primary function is to classify solid particles by size, enabling efficient separation and dewatering of materials. Here's why this vibrating screen is a game-changer:

Efficient Classification: The screen employs a linear motion design with multiple layers, which makes it exceptionally efficient at classifying solid particles. This is crucial for mining operations as it helps separate materials into different sizes, optimizing downstream processes.

Dehydration and Drying: In addition to classification, the vibrating screen aids in dewatering and drying the separated materials. This capability not only reduces material waste but also contributes to more sustainable and environmentally responsible operations.

Versatile Applications: The Linear Dewatering Vibrating Screen can be customized to suit various mining applications, making it a versatile tool for different scenarios in the industry.

The Tailing Dewatering Centrifuge presented by GN Separation is another standout product that garnered significant attention at the expo. This centrifuge plays a pivotal role in handling mining tailings and offers a wide range of applications, including:

Tailings Management: The centrifuge is designed to efficiently process and dewater mining tailings. It extracts moisture from tailings, reducing their volume and making them more manageable and environmentally friendly.

Wastewater Purification: Beyond tailings management, the centrifuge can be used to purify wastewater by separating solids from liquid. This ensures compliance with environmental regulations and promotes sustainable water use.

GN Separation made a significant impact at the China Coal & Mining Expo 2023 with their cutting-edge equipment designed for the coal and mining industry. The Linear Dewatering Vibrating Screen and Tailing Dewatering Centrifuge offer innovative solutions for solid-liquid separation and dewatering processes.

These products not only enhance operational efficiency but also contribute to environmental sustainability by reducing waste and promoting responsible resource management. GN Separation's presence at the expo highlighted their commitment to addressing industry-specific challenges and their dedication to delivering practical and efficient separation technology.

As the world grapples with the growing challenges of waste management and environmental sustainability, innovative solutions are needed in various sectors. One such sector where effective waste treatment is crucial is agriculture. Large-scale farms often face the dilemma of managing animal waste, which can be a significant environmental concern. GN Solids Control has introduced a game-changing solution in the form of decanter centrifuges designed specifically for farm waste treatment. This technology offers solid-liquid separation, efficient solid drying, and maximum liquid purification, allowing for the recovery and further processing of solids and liquids for reuse, such as in the production of fertilizers. In this blog post, we will explore how GN's decanter centrifuges are revolutionizing farm waste treatment.

The Role of GN Decanter Centrifuges in Farm Waste Treatment

Farm waste, particularly animal manure, poses a range of environmental challenges. When not properly managed, it can lead to soil and water pollution, the release of harmful pathogens, and an overall negative impact on the ecosystem. GN Solids Control recognized the need for a comprehensive solution to address these issues, and their decanter centrifuges have emerged as a vital tool in farm waste management.

Solid-Liquid Separation

Decanter centrifuges from GN Solids Control are designed to efficiently separate solid and liquid components within farm waste. This separation process is crucial for reducing the volume of waste material and minimizing the environmental impact. GN offers a range of decanter centrifuge models, such as GNLW364 and GNLW554, each tailored to specific farm waste treatment requirements.

The decanter centrifuges are equipped with longer rotors, ensuring thorough solid drying. This results in a reduction in the moisture content of the separated solid waste, making it easier to handle, store, and transport. The drier solids are also more suitable for further processing into valuable resources like fertilizers.

The liquid component of farm waste contains valuable nutrients and can be purified using GN's decanter centrifuges. These machines help remove impurities, pathogens, and suspended solids from the liquid phase, making it safer for discharge or reuse in irrigation, significantly reducing the environmental impact.

Customized Solutions for Waste Treatment

GN Solids Control stands out in the field of farm waste treatment due to its ability to provide customized solutions. Farms come in different sizes and generate varying quantities of waste. GN works closely with clients to assess their specific needs and recommends the most suitable decanter centrifuge model and operational parameters to achieve the desired results.