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This week we completed 2 sets solids control equipment ,and ready to delivery to Bolivia customer. Last year, we already shipped 2 units Decanter centrifuge to same customer. We are so glad that client give good feedback to our equipment, and also honored that cooperate with this so kind customer who is so professional in solids control area and understand well to GN equipment.


These solids control equipment running well under the operation of our client , and bring profit to them. In this order, there are total 4 units decanter centrifuge, and 8 units centrifuge and 2 units screw pump. Each screw pump is used to feeding slurry to Decanter centrifuge. all equipment were 100% designed and manufactured by GN. The core equipment of this solids control equipment is Decanter centrifuge. GNLW363-VFD is the most featured products for solids control using in oil gas industry. Whatever the water base drilling mud or oil base mud, GNLW363-VFD can treat them with good effect. This is profit from our team keep upgrading the design and strictly quality control during manufacturing. GN has strict and high requirement to supplier, we care money, but more concern quality. Almost all the supplier is from the famous brand of global or China. Such as the bearing, paint, electrical component etc. The centrifuge was design according to the most harsh situation. We are always happy and open to hear advice from customer, actually we keep collecting the quality feedback from customer, and adjust design to make it more popular by customer. Decanter centrifuge is just one of products. We can provide the whole series solids control system, built customized mud system specially for client project. The good quality and quick service helped us to get lots long term partner in the global. If your project have demanded on these equipment, welcome to contact us.

In pump market ,there seems no one kind pump can transfer high solids content material. In lots project ,people only can transfer them by manual. That is a low efficiency way and the expensive labor will reduce profit. GN Solids control main built solids control for drilling mud treatment in oil gas industry. The drilling mud will be separated out solids with our solids control equipment such as shale shaker ,Decanter centrifuge .In some drilling project, client will use oil base mud, the liquid is crude oil or diesel. The contented solids is hig viscosity. The traditional pump is useless. GN designed this solids vacuum pump for this application of high solids content material transfer.

solids vacuum pump

Last week we delivered 2 pumps to Africa, they will be used in petroleum well drilling project. Transfer the drill cutting. Different with traditional pump, vacuum pump was driven by high pressure air. There is no electrical component on this equipment , even the control component also use air. This no electric design make this pump can be used in some place that high requirement to the explosion proof. This pump utilize Venturi to generate vacuum space inside of pump tank , and then suck the material into tank. After the tank be full with material, pump will switch to discharge model. High pressure air will push material out pump tank and discharge. This simple design make the pump stable and high efficiency. Our biggest model GNSP-40B, which can transfer 40 cube meter water per hour , and discharge distance can reach 1000 meters. This pump is not good at suck material from low place. However, the actual pump capacity is related with the density of material , the viscosity, and also the particle size.

Currently ,we have 40B, 20B,10B,5B these 4 models. The other new model will be designed in future. If your project have demand on this kind pump, welcome to contact us to get more information.

Mexico golf as one of the biggest petroleum storage area, which attracted lots oil gas and drilling company of all over the world, and also included the local drilling company in Mexico. The equipment of GN solids control had get into this market for more than 15 years and we cooperated with lots customer from Mexico. Actually, every year, we export several sets solids control equipment to Mexico for new drilling project.

shale shaker

Last week, we just completed the building of 3 sets solids control system. Every sets include 4 GNZS-594 shale shaker ,1 mud cleaner, 2 units Decanter centrifuge and also sever units centrifuge pump and screw pump.This screw pump was used for feeding slurry to Decanter centrifuge. and centrifuge pump transfer slurry from shale shaker to the hydrocyclone of mud cleaner. For most these kind project, we do not suggest to provide tank and customer can build tank in their local to save the sea freight. Our GN technology team can provide the design drawing of whole system include to show client how to install these shaker to their tank. This solution helped our client saved lots money.

In this 3 sets system, shale shaker and Decanter centrifuge are the most featured equipment of GN. This shaker installed Oli Brand vibrating motor and the shaker deck was weld by robot. There are also some wonderful design for client to convenient to use , such as the wedge system for user easily and quickly replace shaker screen; the adjustable shaker deck can use different deck angle for different situation. This shaker also installed on the bottom of mud cleaner. It use the same size shaker screen with Mongoose. Customer is easy to find the shaker screen in their local or purchase from GN. Decanter centrifuge was used to separate the solids from the discharged mud of mud cleaner . Which can remove out the particle smaller than 20um.

Decanter centrifuge

GN has lots experience on drilling mud treatment project, and help client to save the money and improve their work efficiency. If your project have demanded, welcome to contact GN.

Solids control is one branch of solids-liquid separation industry. Most time solids control means the separation equipment for drilling mud in oil gas industry or construction industry. The core equipment of solids control include the shale shaker ,mud cleaner ,degessor, some times also need to equipped Decanter centrifuge. GN solids control is one wide know branch in the wold which has more than 15 years experience of solids control equipment designing and manufacture. Last week we shipped desander , desilter and degessor to China client for drilling project.


In most project, the first separation equipment is shale shaker, but for some special project, due to the particle size is very small, the shaker can not remove them well, so we will cancel the shale shaker and directly feed slurry to desander and then desilter. Both desander and desilter through the cyclone to remove out solids. The high speed slurry flow into cyclone, and generate the whirlwind, the solids and liquid will be separate away under the different separation force. The clean liquid will discharge out from the top of cyclone.



One other important equipment is degessor. It was installed before desander. In drilling process, the mud will be mixed with some air from stratum. The air will reduce the mud density and also the property. we must to remove out air to keep the mud property. GN degessor can mix the mud and also minus pressure space to push the involved air out mud. Degessor not only remove out air but also mix mud to improve the mud property. This desander desilter and degessor all were be designed and manufactured by GN. We not only provide equipment, and also good at design and manufacture customized mud system and solids control system. Currently we exported more than 76 countries and served more than 5000 client from all over the world. If your project have demand on solid control equipment, welcome to contact us.

Drilling mud is one of the very important middle material for drilling project. Drilling mud can keep the balance between inside and outside of well, protect the rig machine, improve the working efficient, and bring out the drill cutting from the well. The good property can save money for owner and also improve work efficient. Meanwhile, drilling mud is also very expensive, which include lots different chemical material to make sure the mud can reach the requirement of drilling work. How to recycle the mud is very important work in drilling.

shale shaker

Last week we prepare well 4 sets mud cleaning unit for Australia customer. This unit is sample structure with high efficiency, it only include the shale shaker, centrifuge pump ,hydrocyclone and also mud tank. The drilling mud firstly will be feed into the hopper of bottom shaker, this shaker can remove out most big size particle for the first step mud cleaning, and then the liquid will go through the shaker screen and drop into the bottom tank. There was a centrifuge pump will transfer the mud from bottom tank into hydrocyclong, under the 0.3 Mpa pressure, the liquid will generate a whirlwind inside hydrocyclone. The big size particle will down to the bottom shaker again, and the clean mud will discharge out from top side of hydrocyclone. After this treatment, the mud will be clean enough for drilling use.

This package is specially customized designed for Australia client, and all the electrical control system match with Australia standard. Actually, GN can manufacture equipment for different countries standard , such IECEX, ATEX and CNEX. We are good at designing the customized system for oil gas industry with 15 years experience. If your project have demand on these equipment, such as shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge and centrifuge pump etc. Welcome to contact us, we will be pleased to share our experience and provide support.