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We are a drilling company, most of our holes are wireline to 200m. We have been using another brand which are very large and cumbersome . I am looking at alternatives as a lot of our sites are very small.
We use a maximum of 200 litres a minite but normally less. I have a sand guzzler pump pumping from hole or alternatively can use a trash pump which pumps 700 litres a minute. Most of our mud is fine clay particles and sand. I was looking at need a shale shaker also after desander but will wait to see how it works out. I also have a 100 micron filter bag which mud will pumped to after desander, which is a temporary measure.

Here is the situation from one client, small drilling project, but commit themselves to save and protect the environment, just like the beauty and the geek, you need find a good match, though you may like Kingkong's love story.

Glad to invite you to check our brochures, then we can go through:
1. Pls check page 1, usually solids control means 4steps, shale shaker first, desander seond, desilter third, decanter centrifuge fourth; and below each equipment, mentioned cut point, shale shaker is separating particles bigger than 100 microns; depends on the screens we use though.
2. The desander 1ea capacity upto 500gpm. Why not desilter? If you have sand, big particles may plug the desilter nozzle.
3. Pls refer to the big system decription, drawing and flowline; which may helps. You will not need this big one, contact George for a digital copy.
4. We'd recommend you only use a shale shaker GNZS752E-DM; Which is similar as one of our diamond drilling project in PNG. We are using one shale shaker, one decanter centrifuge.

Oilfield desander  is our newly developed for drilling fluid solids control system of the secondary and tertiary solids control equipment, is a cyclone desander,  a combination of vibrating screen, the equipment reliable maintenance is convenient, is the ideal equipment of drilling fluid separation oil industry. Desander  Oilfield desander  working principle Oilfield desander  is a drilling mud solids control system of the secondary and tertiary purification equipment, the process of separation by drilling fluid from the well back out of a large number of drilling cuttings, so that the mud into the lower separation equipment, oil desander  performance and use of good or bad directly affect the use effect of separation equipment at a lower level. This screen is according to the principle of linear motion track vibration sieve surface design and become, vibrator makes the screen box to make reciprocating movement, the movement of solid particles with the screen box in the mud and sieve sieve surface, thus achieve the goal of solid-liquid separation.

GN USA desander is a drilling mud solids control system of the secondary and tertiary purification equipment, has a compact structure, occupies less space, powerful and easy to install, can effectively remove the suspended in the drilling fluid desander Of solid phased particles greater than 30 microns, the realization of barite recovery of compound drilling fluid and increase the use requirements of the drilling fluid, drilling fluid performance, stable to improve drilling efficiency, reduce drilling cost, is ideal for drilling fluid solids control equipment. you can click here to know more about the latest collection of desander.

The  USA  desander  the condition of the process design is reasonable, and have played an important role in a vibrating screen. Sand silt all-in-one structural design its compactness. Small footprint. Powerful. It is drilling fluid for  Level  choice of solids control equipment. In addition to sand silt machine technical parameters.

Click this link to find aboutthe machine.

Before we get a standard API RP13E, screen suppliers use oblong mesh to define the shaker screens, though it is kind of old fashion, but it is still very useful lets see, eg. for Brandt 4x5 shaker, approximately 48-1/4" OCW x 59-1/2", it is still efficient to use B-40 Screen Single Layer (20 x 30 Mesh) (Oblong) 40 to make both user and supplier understand each other.

oblong shaker screen
shale shaker screen constructionOblong is an older brother comparing XR XL and all other rectangular or square holes technology.
XR Mesh is utilized in a unique three-layer arrangement that creates exceptional shale shaker screens. The XR screen design features innovative oblong openings with a greater length-to-width ratio than other rectangular meshes.

df shaker screen meshdx shaker screen meshhp shaker screen mesh


It also incorporates wire diameters that are 50 percent larger than comparable meshes.

The large diameter wire is calendared to lock mesh openings securely in place. All three layers are made of finely woven stainless steel. The middle layer increases screen life by acting as a buffer between the fine top mesh and coarse backup layer, as well as serving as a mechanical deblinding agent for the top mesh.

To extend the screen life, bare more capacity, being comply with the API standard, every supplier is developing their own way to make the screens better, that is why we have DX DF HP and so on.

Different screen construction also make the world more attractive.

TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine) is one important part of civil engineering, procedure similar as HDD, but the application, drilling mud charactor, more like bored hole piling. So usually the system or module part for piling desanding can also be used for part of TBM.

TBM Excavation Process

The soil excavation is performed by the cutter head. The excavated materials go through the cutter head into the tunneling machine chamber. There, they are crushed into small parts and mixed into the working fluid, called slurry, which is composed of a mix of bentonite and water. The cutter head is equipped with disk cutters for rocky material and scrapers for soft ground. The excavated material is carried in suspension in the slurry and is pumped to the separation plant located near the shaft. This separation plant shall be composed of vibration shakers, scalping units, hydro-cyclones and centrifuges in order to separate cuttings from the working fluid. After this process, the slurry is pumped back to the TBM to be used again, and the excavated material is loaded into dump trucks.

TBM Mud System in different Capacity

GNMS-500D desander slurry separation system for 120 m³/h Micro TBM
GNMS-1000D Desander slurry separation system for 240 m³/h TBM

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Comparing the oil gas drilling project, water well drilling need more flexible rig, also drilling mud system, move often, and need take care more on the environment. Water Wells drilling can vary greatly in depth, water volume, and water quality. Well water typically contains more minerals in solution than surface water and may require treatment to soften the water.

200gpm drilling mud system

GN Solids Control just exported one unit 200gpm drilling mud system to Kuwait, containing a double deck mud cleaner with 4each 4inch hydrocyclones, also feeding pump and mixing unit. As mentioned to be more flexible, we add a trailer to make it a mobile one.

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