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As we have a tendency to all understand, China in Africa has for the most part been couched in government rhetoric and clouded by stereotypes. On 29 Oct., China undraped the main points of its fourth batch of aid value some eighty two million U.S. bucks to assist African countrie's fight against the Ebola virus. Absolutely not solely politicions, neither another batch of aids.additional and additional business affiliation is going on. mutually of the leading solids management & drilling waste management provider in China, currently additional  than thirty units carafe centrifuges in operation in Africa in 2014.

If you're interested, pls check the video here from Youtube:

OIL is usually massive resource in Africa, drilling work is one amongst the foremost necessary activity, Then here comes the surroundings protection, solids management & drilling waste mangement, not just for recovering the helpful drilling mud, this is often one necessary issue to encourage individuals to try and do this although, additionally to guard wherever individuals live.

This time, our once sales team comes back from western Africa, once did empowerment & coaching for three rig sites. Nearly all of them victimization the foremost well-liked decanter centrifuge GNLW363 series, that is analogous as DE1000 from Derrick, or Swaco 518 series. 

One of the rig web site victimization 2sets GNLW363 centrifuge, one set is fastened speed carafe centrifuge, with 3200rpm high speed once delivery, additionally 2200rpm/2500rpm/2700rpm as option; the opposite variable speed centrifuge with VFD instrument panel. With the PLC VFD instrument panel, the client  will amendment the speed simply from zero to 3200rpm incessantly. 

Another rig web site, is victimization centrifuge with flocculant unit for dewatering, if we have a tendency to need higher commonplace, typically it'd not be enough to solely use mechanical separation, polymer, agent powder, or regardless of the chemical is, chemical powder is get additional and additional necessary within the rig web site, and within the would like of drilling waste management. 

GN Solids management our selves additionally packing the flocculant unit with a reliable partner .Doing our greatest to provide client with a 1 stop answer.

After sent several systems to Turkey, more and more Turkish companies know GN Solids Cotrol. When they tried to know Chinese geothermal drilling mud system, they get several ways. First one is experience, another one is friends, internet, or recommendation from rig supplier. If all this way, they get one same option, then they find the right choice. This is how the client reach us.

 GN 1000gpm Mud System for Turkey Geothermal Drilling
This time the client purchased the drilling rig from SJ, do not make me tell the story again, now they relized they have a good partner & supplier in China when they need top quality products. For more convenient payment & loan stuff, they packed everything from SJ.
The system is for ZJ30/ 1000HP drilling rig, as it is for geothermal projects, then there are not so many equipment like oil drilling rig. No vaccum degasser, no centrifuge.
We are supplying 3 mud tanks, capacity upto 200cubic meters. Including mixing tank, trip tank compartment.
Then as we did to other Turkey clients, we choose the updated shale shaker, GNZS594, using same shaker screen as Mongoose. Composite material, for nearly tripled screen life.
Then GNZJ594-2S12N mud cleaner, with iron cyclones. for geothermal, normally we may have high mud temprature problem. To save cost, steel cones is a proper choice.

mud cleaner
Except for 1000gpm mud system, GN Solids Control also can offer 200gpm, 500gpm, 800gpm, 1000gpm, 1500gpm, 2000gpm mud system, pls read more from GN website:

To purchase a mud system, or even drilling rig, there are some questions people will always ask.
What are you doing to save your cost? What might be your stretage if you are buying a whole rig system?
What our clients have done might help you.

1. Build the mud tank locally if you are far from China.
We need the mud tank storage capacity, so can not put into container; it will double, tripple or four times of the origin mud tank cost if we choose bulk shipment. Also if it is on the deck, and if we did not protected properly. Or if we only considered price, we did not know if the painting was done properly. Hmmm, extra cost comes.
2. Do not only follow price.
Check the factory. Follow the manufacturing process, and the testing.This time we just sent out 4sets 1000gpm mud system to Middle East, the client have 4 sets 750hp drilling rig, and fabracte mud tanks locally.

4 Sets Solids Control Equipment for 750HP Drill Rig in Middle East

Middle East is of the most important market for GN who has established business relation with many loyal customers by providing the qualified produces and excellent after-sales services including the first time training and commissioning as well as the in time troubling shooting and on site repairing.
The Oman client start cooperation with GN Solids Control since 2012, after the successful feedback of the first projects, GN and the Oman Company got into cooperation smoothly again for another bigger projects which amounts to over $50,000.

 Solids and Liquid separation decanter centrifuge for oil sludge project in Oman

The each system contains 2 GNZS703E-HB shale shaker, 1ea GNWS-2S desander, 1ea GNWS-12N desilter, 1ea decanter centrifuge, desander, desilter, centrifuge coming with feeding pumps; then there is dual jet mud mixing system.
As the suggestion from the start, you may wondering why GN can help you save your cost. We are improving our quality upto US or EU standards.
We do not quote higher price for spare parts, though it seems a good trick to do so.
Do not mind to find out all small details we have done to find out why the products deserve the price.

As we all know, China in Africa has largely been couched in government rhetoric and clouded by stereotypes. On 29 Oct., China unveiled the details of its 4th batch of aid worth some 82 million U.S. dollars to help African countrie's fight against the ebola virus. Obsolutely not only politicions, neither another batch of aids. More and more business connection is happening. As one of the leading solids control & drilling waste management supplier in China, now more than 30 units decanter centrifuges operating in Africa in 2014.

GN decanter centrifuge in rig site of South Africa
If you are interested, pls check the video here from Youtube:
OIL is always big resource in Africa, drilling work is one of the most important activity, Then here comes the environment protection, solids control & drilling waste mangement, not only for recoverying the useful drilling fluid, this is one important factor to encourage people to do this though, also to protect where people live.
This time, our after sales team comes back from western africa, after did commissioning & training for 3 rig sites. Nearly all of them using the most popular decanter centrifuge GNLW363 series, which is similar as DE1000 from Derrick, or Swaco 518 series.
One of the rig site using 2sets GNLW363 centrifuge, one set is fixed speed decanter centrifuge, with 3200rpm high speed when delivery, also 2200rpm/2500rpm/2700rpm as option; the other variable speed centrifuge with VFD control panel. With the PLC VFD control panel, the customer can change the speed easily from 0 to 3200rpm continuously.

GN Decanter Centrifuge for dewatering
Another rig site, is using centrifuge with flocculant unit for dewatering, if we require higher standard, sometimes it might not be enough to only use mechanical separation, polymer, coagulant powder, or whatever the chemical is, chemical powder is get more and more important in the rig site, and in the need of drilling waste management.
GN Solids Control our selves also packing the flocculant unit with a reliable partner. Doing our best to supply customer with a one stop solution.

We use decanters in waste water treatment plant and the nominal operating points are

* 15 to 20 m3/H

* Input dry solid : 3 to 5 %

* Torque : betwwen 2500 à 4000 KN

* Cone angle : 11 to 16°

* Output DS : 20 to 25 % ( organic sludges with 50 to 65 % of organic matter)

3 VFD for GN VFD Decanter Centrifuge

Ok thanks for the quotations. Can you confir the electric cabinet with VFD ( 3 VFD ) are inluded in the quotations.
GN: Yes it is 3 VFD, one for main drive, one for back drive, one for pump drive. But for your application, as it is environmental fileds, you will use a small pump.

I think a pump with 10HP Nemo pump with max capacity 30 m3/H is enough. Right?
Ok for the 3 VFD , what kind of VFD do you use ( Altivar, ABB, Danfoss,...). If possible we will prefer Altivar or ABB. Electricity is 400 V, 50 HZ
GN: ABB VFD is one of our standard. 400V/50HZ is fine for us.

Torque & Torque Control for GN VFD Decanter Centrifuge

Moreover i need to get the following informations :

* is there any Torque regulation included ( differential automatically adapted to the seeting Tors point )

GN: Our PLC control system has two options torque control or currency control. We can use torque for your application. Perfect we use to operate with torque control or in Manual changing the differential speed to find the right Torque seeting point and then colme back to the Torq mode.
I need to have the maximum Torque of the gear box for the 2 models ( kN.m)

* what is the cône angle of the decanters
* GN: 17 Degree,
* Perfect i was afraid to hae a low cône angle but 17 ° is nice.

GN: The GNLW363BG-VFD centrifuge Max Gear Box Torque is: 3500N.M and the GNLW453-VFD Max Gear Box Torque is 7500 N.M, so we recommend you to use the GNLW453-VFD model for your application and your capacity.

GN VFD Decanter Centrifuge for Waste Water Treatment

Q: Do you have any experience with your decanters on environental fields ?

GN: Our centrifuge main application is oilfield, including drilling mud solids control, and Environmental solutions, also we have a few projects for Dredging Slurry Separation, which is close to your case.
For your application, we will increase the speed from 2800RPM to 3200RPM to allow you control the speed from 0-3200RPM.
RE: Ok to go to 3200 rpm as we have to go around 2200 G-force.

If possible, you can send some samples of your material, one bottle is enough for us to study to check, sometimes we may need to do some more modification one our centrifuge to fit for your material. One of our main centrifuge engineer has ever worked for our centrifuge company, they focus on environmental solutions, he understand what fits for the envrionmental solutions.
Also if your have any Data Sheet of your material, you can send to us, like Viscosity, Solids Size Range, Density etc.

RE: Not easy as the product is organic sludge that involve, but we treat around 500 000 m3 per year of this kind of sludges with centrifuges,.....So we know what kind of centrifuge we need.

Concerning sensors i need to know if you have any temperature bearing sensors and vibration safety sensor as standard .

454 decanter centrifuge for sale

For the price i need to know if this price include the frame to put the centrifuge at 3 m height with stairs ,plateform for the centrifuge and system to trasfer the solid sludge into the groung or in a skip.

As we use polymer, we need to put in the skid a liquid polymer preparation ( maximum 5 m3/h of diluted polymer to iject at 0,5% concentration)

For the pumps i think you can change it but as if we can treat also bentonite slurry With a 50 m3/h we should have a range between 6 to 50 m3/h

I need also to have the typical noise of the centrifuges near the plant and at 1 m

GN: 1) We will choose the pump model with 50 m³/h capacity and adjustable from 0-50 m³/h.

2) We can install 2 Bearing Temp. Sensor and the Vibration Switch as per customer requirements, this is extra price not include in our quotation.

3) The Single Layer Bowl Cover Box centrifuge is noisy is around 85 ,what noisy will meet your need? We can use the double layer cover box to reduce the noise.

4) Price we quoted to you is only the Centrifuge price with 3 VFD, the Cylinder and Cone Material of our Centrifuge Bowl is Duplex Stainless Steel made by Centrifugal Casting.
Other parts main material is SS316L and screw is protected by Tunsteng Carbide Tiles, as you can see in our brochure.

5) According to what you need, we will update the quotation, and give you the price for the pump and the Telescopic skid in separate price for your option.