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For some difficult TBM project, we may get somewhere we do not like, too much solids, too high mud density, then the dewatering unit is not working so efficienly. Though filter press is a good option, here we can have some improvent. To make the dewatering unit working as we wanted.
TBM mud system
 If you add a smaller decanter centrifuge (Let's say 40m3/h)  to treat the drilling mud without polymer before feeding to the exisiting centrifuge with poleyer, it can reduce the  mud  density from 1.7 SG  to around 1.2 SG 
  Then you treat the 1.2 SG mud with your exisiting centrifuge to get clean water which is around 1.0 SG. From our engineers experience, you can get the centrifuge capacity from 8 m3/h to around 20 m3/h for getting clean water in this case, maybe more by increasing the speed and differential speed. And you can save a lot on the volume of the polymer.
  Normally, for geting clean water, our client will treat the mud by mechanical method first to get the desity down, that means to get most of the solids out from the mud, for the ultra fine solids, they use polymer to do dewatering.
 Since the mud is still heavy with 1.7 SG  after the desander treatment. So we suggest to put a centrifuge to reduce the density of the mud to around 1.2 SG before feeding to the decanter centrifuge with polymer.
  That means, first phase is mechnical only, second phase is chemically enhanced centrifuge treatment. This way will increase the total capacity of the system to at least double capcity of existing unit.
  And also you can save the polymer and chemicals.  
  Moreover, the mechanical treatment centrifuge, you only need to use a small centrifuge with cheap price, not the big bowl, to match the chemical enhanced phase separation.
  Another way is to increase the mixing time of the chemical with the mud by extend the outside feeding tube of the centrifuge before feeding to the centrifuge.
   And also increase the bowl speed to around 1800- 2000RPM and increase the differential speed to around 30 RPM, anyway, it should be within the limit of the centrifuge not to get the centrifuge overload.

GN Solids management finished the assembly for three Sets one thousand power unit oil rig solids system for a drilling company in Europe, the shopper purchased one set of 750 power unit oil rig solids system from GN. This three sets mud system is that the repeat order for this shopper.

Three sedimentary rock Shaker Tank with VI sedimentary rock Shakers, three Mud Cleaner, three vacuum degasser.

One Centrifuge Tank with one middle speed carafe centrifuge and one high speed carafe centrifuge.

One active mud tank with agitators and dust guns.

One suction mud tank with mud agitators and dust guns.

One intermixture Tank with intermixture hoppers and intermixture pump.

Solids management instrumentation

So totally, actually, the solids management systems embrace one complete set one thousand power unit oil rig mud system and 2 additional shaker tank with three part solids management instrumentation.

As these solids management systems are exported to Europe market, all motors and electrical management panels are needed to be ATEX certified and every one machines have to be compelled to be metallic element certified. GN Solids management is one in every of the few firms in China UN agency hold those certificates.

Since GN Solids management specialize in the prime quality product, currently GN Solids management market share are growing quick in Europe and America market.GN Solids America conjointly provide the solids management rental services in North America market.

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My collegue just shared another great news, after sent 10 sets of decanter centrifuge to Africa, plus another big order with more than 40 sets decanter centrifuges, now in Africa we have far more than 100 decanter centrifuges. 
You must wanna know what is happening. Top quality product, best service, and public praise.
Except more than 30 years experance engineer teem, we also hired another team lead by engineer who deal with Alfa Laval decanter centrifuge for moren than 20 years, went to many sites, different applications. We get more updated features from GNLW363B, to GNLW363C, after collecting all the feedbacks from different sites. A more robust products finally come to the world, while we still keep improving at the same time.

GN Decanter Centrifuge
Normally when a client trying to find a proper decanter centrifuge, they may consider:
1. Material
2. Screw protection
3. Failure protection
Freely to let us know if you are interested in details of GN Decanter Centrifuge.

The fixed speed centrifuge & variable speed centrifuge is good combination for barite recovery and mud weight cutting. Fixed speed centrifuge is mainly working for mud weight cutting; the variable speed centrifuge is mainly working for barite recovery, most working under 2200rpm to 2700rpm. When the job only need one function like mud weight cutting, the two centrifuge can working together at similar speed. During the actual job process, the user need to continuously test the feeding mud, discharge mud and continuously adjust the bowl speed of centrifuge to get proper treating results.
In the recent orders, client normally purchase different centrifgues with fixed speed and VFD. For more flexible applicating on site.

CIPPE Beijing 2015
Address: New China International Exhibition Center, Beijing; No.88, Yuxiang Road,Tianzhu,Shunyi District, Beijing
Time: March 26-28, 2015
GN Booth No.: HALL E1 -E1360,
Appointment email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
GN Factory Location: 40KM to the Exhibition Center (40 Minutes Drive)

gn solids control E1360

CIPPE is already the biggest Oil Gas Exhibition in the world, according the number of visitors, uhh, it is in China. Though it seems like joking, more and more people from all over the world are noticing this exhibition, and found, or trying to find a good quality supplier here; for their drilling operations. Especially when the oil price keep going down, everyone need find some good products, balancing quality and price.
No wander GN Solids Control keep developing very fast, as a company keep and only focus on top quality solids control & drilling waste managment. We keep improving our products, collecting feedback, learning from our customer, learning from other competitors. and use it in our products.

gn cippe 2014

Then this time GN bring the updated drilling waste management system, which already been used in Shell Operation site, purchased by Baker Hugh. Basically it contains a cuttings dryer GNCD930, a decanter centrifuge GNLW363CG-VFD, and the feeding screw pump.
If you need details, freely to contact GN sales for it.

Then the typical solids control equipment, shale shaker GNZS594E, hightlight is replacable shaker screens with Mongoose, mud cleaner GNZJ703E-2S12N, and GNZJ752E-12N, with GN mini shaker.

GN OTC 2015

We have these typical equipment in stock in Houston office. and also welcome to visit GN booth in Houston, OTC.
OTC 2015 Conference
Address: Reliant Park Houston, TX, USA
Time: May 04-07, 2015
GN Booth No.:
Reliant Arena Booth A (290SF) - Hebei GN Solids Control Co.,Ltd
Reliant Arena Booth B (200SF) No.:6137 - GN Solids America LLC
Booth No. will be updated later

As usual, GN Solids Control is attending CIPPE, from two years ago, GN brought the first Chinese Drilling Waste Management system, we have improved a lot to the equipment and system design. Now the optimized DWM system already operating in Shell's site, also one system operating now in Cyprus. 4 others system purchased by Haliburton will be going to operation soon.
Where to find GN? Pls check the map: 

Then what can we find there:
1) Drilling cuttings management system
The system is used to handle the drilling cuttings discharged from solids control mud system. ( Notice: drilling cuttings discharged from centrifuge cannot be treated by this system).
Equipment including:
Vertical Cuttings Dryer / Verti-G dryer: GNCD930C fixed speed & high standard vertical cuttings dryer/ Verti-G dryer.
Decanter Centrifuge: GNLW363C-VFD variable speed & high speed & high standard centrifuge, which is professional for solids control & drilling waste management.
Centrifuge feed pump: 7.5kw screw pump
Centrifuge & vertical cuttings dryer cleaning pump: 7.5kw screw pump
The two same model pump can be backup for each other.


2) Solids Control Equipment
GNZS594E-HB big capacity 600gpm shale shaker with 4 panel shaker screen
GNZS703E-2S12N big capacity 1000gpm mud cleaner with 3 panel shale shaker & 2 desander cones & 12 desilter cones
GNZS752E-12N compact desilter with 2 panel shale shaker & 12 desilter cones.
Decanter Centrifuge for solids control & waste management & waste water
GNLW223 mini centrifuge with super high speed 3800rpm.
GNLW452 18inch big bowl centrifuge with 1800rpm middle speed for bariter recovery
GNLW553C-VFD 22inch bigh bowl centrifuge with 2500rpm high speed for fast cutting mud weight.

CIPPE 2015 information:
Address: New China International Exhibition Center, Beijing; No.88, Yuxiang Road,Tianzhu,Shunyi District, Beijing
Time: March 26-28, 2015
GN Booth No.: HALL E1 -E1360
Freely to contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.