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As a lot of client now need "Clean Water", then chemicals finally upto the show. With a reliable partner, now GN is now also supplying the flocculant unit and coagulant unit, with our centrifuge, to give client a better solution.

tbm mud system with flocculant and centrifuge

The Auto-Flocculant 6000 activity unit can be housed in an exceedingly 20ft normal instrumentation and represents a standard compact system for treating and applying compound solutions. Also can be put into 40ft container with a GNLW series centrifuge. Due to the integrated control system, the preparation and dosing process may take place automatically. An optional feature provides the possibility of referring to a solids dependent dosing mechanism. Based on the data obtained from measuring both volume flow rate and suspension density, the polymer solution is injected into the process in an amount proportionate to the respective solid matter. Such a system will positively exclude unwanted over- and/or underdosing.

flocculant unit GN LR6000

The Auto-Flocculant 6000 activity unit is supplied with a liquid compound unit for making certain the automated and continuous preparation of a homogeneously mixed focused compound answer with precise concentration parameters in an exceedingly two-chamber method (product quantity: 3000 l/h) a powder/liquid compound unit for making certain the automated and continuous preparation of a homogeneously mixed focused compound answer with precise concentration parameters in an exceedingly three-chamber method (product quantity: 6000 l/h) a programmable logic controller with bit screen panel for automatic operation flow meters and pressure sensors 2 dosing pumps for transporting the premixed flocculant to the injection purpose.

flocculant unit with centrifuge GNLW553
Two chamber or three chamber, inside container, or outside standing on a skid, can be customized as required.
Also the programme of PLC controlling the system, have two options, one is by timer, another is by water flow. After involve in more and more projects, we will be more professional on all this. Keep tune.

All of us start from crying with nothing, so no offense, and let's try to find out.
1. Good Looking
One of my client told me the main reason he did not purchase from China before as he wanted some beautiful things. Whenever he look at the solids control equipment, or the whole mud system, or even the drawing, must feel like he is staring some beautiful ladies.
Yeah, it is different Hamlet from differnt eyes. whatever, it can not let you feel unhappy or feel ugly.
2. Check the Painting
Not only the solids control equipment, also the mud tanks. Try and check the view from different side of the mud system. People are doing good, you can feel it.
3. Check the Connection
The mud system normally contains several equipment, lots of pipes, flanges. Check if they are keep in line like army, or struggling to be where they are.
Suppose you are the user, what will you like?
Or any engineering thinking you find from other place. is it simple & friendly enough?

drilling waste management system

Then if you did not tell anyone you are not professional, it already seems like a professional guy checking. So let's move on.
Now it is time to check how the system working!

As normally the mus system is customized, and the four phase solids control equipment, shale shaker, desander, desilter, decanter centrifuge, are combined in different way, and installed onto mud tanks properly.
Then maybe it is time to:
5.Follow the drilling mud flow, and walk around, check if anything abnormal, valves on the way, and logically, is it running perfect.
6.Finally, take some pictures. Good or bad. Or take some pictures with the mud system. To get a perfect report.

After more and more accidents, also the sea environmental protection comes to PEOPLE's sense, now offshore projects taking care more about the drilling waste disposal. Maybe before it is just a screw conveyer, or a channel for washing to the ship's rail, then slicking to the sea.
So the bentonite, the polymer, cuttings, or whatever you may bring up from the mixture of drilling prodution, go to the sea.
For land rigs, now normally the drilling mud service company, or the contract might handle this with driling waste management system, like the one we just sent to West Africa. Drilling waste management system It contains Drilling waste management unit equipment list

  • One Centrifuge high configuration centrifuge GNLW363BG-VFD.
  • One set Cuttings Dryer GNCD930C, fixed speed (800rpm), high configuration dryer, equipped with air line, upgrade scraper and basket screen.
  • One set Vertical slurry pump GN50YZ20A-18 for feeding Decanter Centrifuge
  • One set Netzsch Brand NEMO pump for flushing cuttings dryer
  • One set skid, flexible legs, accessories and electrical control panel system
    cuttings dryer system Offshore drilling waste normally also contains such equipment, giant contractors for offshore projects normally are solving these problems. While for the design of such systems, different engineers have different ideas. Just like solids control, we also have construction engineering difference. What GN Solids Control insist is simple is beautiful, make everything just simple. Less equipment, more work, which makes the system more powerful.
    There also many differences, between designing onshore projects, the limit space, the whole consturcture, the ambient, sometimes we even have to consider where is it located, as the PH different, then have to use high config stainless steel.
    GN Solids just went to SCIPPE in Shanghai, which is for oil & gas, showed the latest update decanter centrifuge, speed upto 3900rpm. Also more and more good news regarding cuttings dryer feedback to us.


What we have been doing is build user friendly mud system, which drillers will be happy to use, saving their backs and their bottom line; and contractor are satisfied, make more money, with saving cost! Use GN Portable Mud System to make the money that you deserve for all water well drilling projects.
150gpm water well drilling mud system

Q1: How much training required, Do we need P.H.D?

This mud system does not require a P.H.D. in engineering, or get 30years experience to operate. Do not require an enormous amount of training and extensive technical education to operate.This baby is simple, affordable and dependable. It has the power to remove the solids and make your well drilling more productive. Saves you time money and stress, and maximizes safety and productivity.

Q2: How much invisible cost? How to keep it in budget!

After I have a budge, I purchase a mud system, then I need replace parts, especially screens! All GN shale shaker use pretensioned shaker screens, to extain the screen life, and enhance the performance.
Now also have composite material avaible, if you choose GNZS594 shaker, others still on the researching process.
OK, then pumps. YES, GNSB centrifugal pump is replacalbe with Mission! Sounds convenient, as easy to find Mission spare parts.
Normally other supplier like to sell spare parts in high price, and make a lot of unique ones, to make sure only they can supply. THIS IS NOT GN SOLIDS CONTROL.
All GN spare parts will be on reseaonable price. Can send proposal when you purchase the mud system.

Q3: How to MOVE easily?

Normally GN will check transportation limit, fold up the walkways, build in the stairs, and use container type mud tank. Then have trailers, jack up legs for your option.
Also we can combine the generator on a same package. From Cummins or CAT.
Eventhough, will you send some guy help us for commissioning?
YES, if required, our after sales team is always ready to be helpful, and show you how to operate the system.

GN500GPM TBM mud treatment system is designed and manufactured according to clients’ requirements. Its handling capacity is 500GPM. This system is composed of two classes solids control equipments. While at the same time, three times separation, the first phase is double deck shaker, first the dirty drilling mud comes to the coarse screens, then to the normal 40mesh screens.

GN 500gpm TBM mud system

  • First class: 1 sets GNZS706E-HB linear motion shale shaker for sieving seperation;

  • The second class : 1 set GNZJ703E-8N mud cleaner and 1 set GNSB6×5-12J sand pump. Its main principle is adopting sand pump to supply enough power for hydrocyclones, then ,drilling fluids can be under centrifugal separation through hydrocyclone cones;

  • Meanwhile, install 1 set GNSLS35A jet mud mixer in the tank. By this mean, it can add and mix mud to supply satisfied drilling fluids for drilling rigs.

Main function & features

  1. this system consist of 2 classes solids control processing.:a.shale shaker sieving separation ; b. desilter hydrocylone separation can discharge most particles size more than 20μm in drilling fluids.
  2. Adapted shaker screen for GNZS706E-HB linear motionl shale shaker: First deck coarce screen: 750*900mm, 3mm seive wiring, Second deck: 1250×700mm ,40―100 mesh shaker screens. Adapted under fluids shaker screen for GNZJ703E-8N mud cleaner 1250×700 ,100~180 mesh stainless steel frame screen.