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The GN High Shear Circular Screen, GNYK1028 model, is a cutting-edge screening solution for the classification of silicon sand in overseas projects. Designed to meet the rigorous demands of the mining industry, this screen offers unparalleled performance and reliability.

2024.01.17 silicon sand circular screen

The GN high-shear circular screen stands out due to its innovative design. A single-vibration motor serves as the driving force, inducing a circular motion in the screen deck. This unique motion ensures efficient particle separation and consistent screening.

2024.01.17 high shear circular vibrating screen

Relying on imported vibration motors from Martin or OLI, the screen boasts advanced technology, ensuring reliable operation and longevity. The motor's advanced design translates into trouble-free operation, low power consumption, and a reduced need for maintenance.

The multi-sectioned screen box assembly offers remarkable processing capacity and screening efficiency. It not only handles large volumes but also ensures low dynamic loads, simplifying operation and maintaining stable performance. The durability and longevity of this design translate into cost savings for the end user.

The mechanical angle adjustment of the screen box assembly offers convenience and reliability, while reconstituted slurry spray water enhances screening efficiency between deck sections. This innovation further improves particle separation and overall screening efficiency.

The screen's heat treatment ensures it can withstand high vibration intensities over long periods, making it suitable for continuous operation in challenging mining environments.

Electrical components from renowned international brands like Siemens or Schneider add to the screen's reliability and longevity. The use of flexible polyurethane screen mesh, which is both elastic and resistant to blockages, allows for easy installation and longevity.

The mesh-pulling bolt components make screen installation and fastening effortless, ensuring secure attachments. Surface treatment with sandblasting and heavy anti-corrosion paints provides excellent corrosion resistance, while wear-resistant anti-corrosion layers or rubber plates protect the screen machine's surface, extending its service life.

The GN High Shear Circular Screen, specifically the GNYK1028 model, is a testament to GN's commitment to innovation and meeting the demands of overseas silicon sand classification projects.