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GN Solids Control, a leading manufacturer of solid control equipment, is proud to announce the delivery of two high-capacity mud dewatering centrifuge units to a client in South America. These advanced systems, featuring the GNLW654 decanter centrifuge and a polymer dosing system, are specifically designed for the treatment of tailings sludge with high solid concentrations. By employing chemical agents to aggregate fine particles into larger solids, the centrifuge efficiently separates the solid phase, purifying the liquid phase.2023.12.25DewateringCentrifugeUnit

GNLW654 Decanter Centrifuge: This powerful centrifuge is carefully engineered to handle the high solid content of tailings sludge. It incorporates a large drum capable of accommodating a substantial amount of material for processing.

Polymer Dosing System: To enhance the separation process, a polymer dosing system is utilized. Chemical additives are precisely mixed with the sludge to promote the formation of larger solid particles. This enhances the separation efficiency of the centrifuge, allowing for a more effective dewatering process.

Efficient Solid-Liquid Separation: The high-speed rotation of the decanter centrifuge, combined with the use of chemical additives, facilitates the efficient separation of solid and liquid phases. This results in a significant reduction in the moisture content of the sludge, making it easier to handle and dispose of.

Enhanced Environmental Compliance: By effectively separating the solid phase from the liquid phase, the centrifuge units help to reduce the environmental impact of tailings disposal. The purified liquid phase can be reused, minimizing freshwater consumption and potential pollution.

2023.12.25 Chemical Dosing Unit

Increased Productivity: The high capacity of the GNLW654 decanter centrifuge allows for a continuous and uninterrupted dewatering process. This increases productivity and reduces downtime for maintenance and cleaning.
The delivery of two big bowl mud dewatering centrifuge units to South America marks another milestone in GN Solids Control's commitment to providing innovative and efficient solutions for the treatment of tailings sludge. By incorporating advanced technologies such as the GNLW654 decanter centrifuge and a polymer dosing system, GN Solids Control continues to be at the forefront of the industry, offering reliable and sustainable solutions for solid-liquid separation.