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In the realm of mud treatment, the key to efficient and effective solids-liquid separation lies in the utilization of specialized equipment. This blog post sheds light on two essential components in this process: 8 sets of Inclined Plate Clarifier and 6 sets of Decanter Centrifuge. Both play pivotal roles in the treatment and purification of mud, contributing to cleaner and more environmentally responsible operations.

Decanter Centrifuge:

The Decanter Centrifuge stands as the initial stage in the mud treatment process. It is responsible for separating solid particles from the liquid phase. After the centrifuge has completed its task, the liquid discharge is transported to the Inclined Plate Clarifier using a screw pump.

Inclined Plate Clarifier:

The Inclined Plate Clarifier takes center stage as the final frontier in the mud treatment journey. It enhances the solid-liquid separation process by maximizing the surface area for sedimentation. This is achieved by increasing the number of inclined plates within the clarifier. These plates promote the settling of solid particles, ensuring that the liquid effluent is as clean as possible before disposal or reuse.

All of these crucial pieces of equipment are proudly produced by GN Solids Control. With their expertise and dedication, GN Solids Control has become a trusted name in the industry, synonymous with quality and reliability. Their commitment to innovation ensures that their equipment remains at the forefront of mud treatment technology.


The combination of 8 sets of Inclined Plate Clarifier and 6 sets of Decanter Centrifuge is a winning formula for mud treatment. These devices work in tandem to efficiently remove solid particles from the liquid phase, resulting in cleaner, more sustainable operations. GN Solids Control's dedication to excellence ensures that these essential components meet the highest industry standards, making them the go-to choice for those seeking top-tier mud treatment solutions.