Blue Flower

At the 9th Guangzhou Aggregates Technology & Equipment Expo, GN showcased a range of cutting-edge separation equipment designed to meet various material separation needs. Among the featured equipment were the following:

Large Banana Screen - GNBS2461 and Medium Linear Motion Screen. Both equipment are used for the slurry dewatering or classification. They are very polular in the mining industry becasue the big treating capacity and lower power consumtion. It simple design can make it continuous working stablily.

Solid Vacuum Pump - GNSP40B: The GNSP40B solid vacuum pump is engineered for the conveyance of materials with high solid content. It is a vital component in material handling systems, particularly when dealing with thick or viscous substances. Its powerful suction capabilities ensure efficient material transfer.

In addition to these showcased devices, GN also provide other separation equipment for Some additional options include:

Horizontal Decanter Centrifuges: GN provides horizontal decanter centrifuges for applications that demand high-efficiency solid-liquid separation. These centrifuges are ideal for processes where dewatering and solid-liquid clarification are crucial.

Disc Centrifuges: GN's disc centrifuges are designed for precision separation and clarification of liquids with suspended solids. They are commonly used in industries such as wastewater treatment and oil processing.

Screw Press Dewatering: GN's screw press dewatering systems are efficient solutions for sludge dewatering, reducing moisture content in various types of slurry and wastewater.

At GN, our commitment to providing advanced separation solutions ensures that we can cater to diverse industrial needs. Whether it's dewatering, particle classification, or handling materials with high solid content, GN's equipment stands at the forefront of the industry. Visit our booth to explore how GN separation technology can enhance your operations and meet your specific separation objectives. We look forward to assisting you with your separation challenges.