Blue Flower

GN as a leading manufacturer and supplier of solid-liquid separation equipment, has recently introduced its Screw Press Unit, model GNDL301, to overseas markets. This unit is specially designed for efficient dewatering of municipal sludge.

With a low energy consumption, the GN Screw Press Unit offers a cost-effective solution for sludge dewatering. It effectively removes water from sludge, reducing its volume and weight, making it easier and more economical to handle and transport. The dewatered sludge can also be further processed for disposal or resource recovery.

The GNDL301 Screw Press Unit incorporates advanced technology and innovative design. It features a robust screw shaft that rotates at a suitbale speed, exerting pressure on the sludge to squeeze out the water. This mechanism ensures thorough dewatering while minimizing water content in the discharged sludge.

One of the significant advantages of the GN Screw Press Unit is the low energy consumption. Its efficient dewatering process requires minimal power input, resulting in considerable cost savings for operators. This environmentally friendly solution helps reduce the carbon footprint of sludge management operations.

Furthermore, the GN Screw Press Unit is capable of achieving impressive dryness levels in the dewatered sludge. This remarkable feature reduces the weight and volume of the sludge, facilitating its disposal or further treatment. Additionally, the drier sludge helps minimize odor and improves the overall handling and transport process.

GN has delivered two units of the GNDL301 Screw Press to overseas customers, marking a successful expansion of its market reach. The company remains committed to providing top-quality sludge dewatering solutions to the global market, addressing the increasing demand for sustainable and efficient waste management.

GN Screw Press GNDL301, offers exceptional performance in the dewatering of municipal sludge. Its low energy consumption, efficient water removal, and high dryness levels make it an ideal solution for sludge management. GN's dedication to innovation and sustainability sets it apart as a reliable provider of solid-liquid separation equipment worldwide.