Blue Flower

How to Order?
Factor 1:What Screen Dimension?
Specify Shaker Manufacturer & Model?(Well-Known Shaker)
Specify Shaker Screen Dimension & Picture?(Not Known Shaker)
Factor 2:What Screen Type?PWP for “Hook Strip Flat Screen”Or PMD for “Hook Strip Pyramid Screen”Or PTC for “Steel Frame Screen”
Factor 3:What Screen Mesh/API No./Cut Point?
Give us inquired Screen Mesh?
Or Screen API No.?”
Or Screen D100 Cut Point?
Factor 4:What Qty for each item?
Factor 5:Purchase Schedule & Shipment Option?

How to Choose the Right Derrick Shaker Screen?

1.Download the catalog of derrick shaker screen.

2.Cacaulate the American Mesh or Cut point you needed.

3.Find the right new API 13c PN#.

4.Find the right manufacturer like orginal Derrick or GN Solids Control

How to Choose the Right Brant Shaker Screen?

The brandt screen PN# is kind of complicate. But if you do the same as find Derrick screens, you will do it very well.