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How To Choose Suitable Chemical Medicine For Slurry Treatment

As we all know GN has two main business, one is solids control and the other is waste treatment. Both are need the separation equipment to remove out the solids from material, and recycle the water or oil as much as we can. There are so many different kind sludge, so sometimes we need to choose some chemical medicine to mix with slurry to get the best separating effect. There are 3 kinds most common chemical medicine, they are surfactant, flocculant and demulsifier.   

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With the different separation target, we should choose different combination of medicine. If the decanter centrifuge only include the water and solids, and the solids particle size bigger than 5um, sometime we do not need to add chemical ,because the solids content will less than 3% after treatment by decanter. Or we can raise the rotate speed of decanter to improve the G force to get the more better separation performance. But when the particle size smaller than 5um, we need to add into flocculant to combine tiny solids into big particle to help the centrifuge separate well.

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For some high solids content material with oil water. As usual, this kind material is low liquidity, the oil and solids also combine together. We need to add the surfactant first and clean water to attenuation. After that we could treat the slurry by shale shaker to remove most solids and get the liquid. Then we need to add demulsifier ,which can strip the oil from solids liquid, and this reaction is finished in the material. After that feed the liquid into decanter centrifuge. Our decanter can separate out 95% solids. The liquid discharge from centrifuge, which main include water,oil and solid (less than 5%). In the end, we need to add the flocculant to combine the tiny solids into big ,this will help the disc centrifuge to remove out almost all solids. After disc centrifuge treatment, we can get the 3 phases separation,oil ,water and less solids.

For some complex material, testing in advance is always necessary, if your have the separation project ,welcome to contact us, we will be pleased to share our experience.

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Also need shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, and drilling waste management system.

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