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GNLW224 Serious Decanter Centrifuge Introduction

GN has focused on the solids control and separation industry for many years, we do have much experience for various material treatment. GNLW224 Decanter centrifuge is one kind small treating capacity device, which has GNLW224EP,EY and EC. All the three kind have the same rate of length/diameter4.2:1. the difference is the cone angle of bowl and the distance between screw. This serious have wide application ,waste water treatment,chemical material separation,fruit juice  separation, and also some other industry for material separation.

Decanter centrifuge

The structure of machine

The Decanter include main assembly ,power transfer assembly ,feeding ,base and electrical control. The main assembly contain the centrifuge bowl, scroll. And the bow is columnar, bid end has 4 discharged port for liquid, and the wire of port is adjustable to control the liquid deep inside of the bowl. The small end has 6 discharge port for solids.  When machine working ,the screw push the solids forward through different rotate speed. And insert the anti-wear tile in the screw for long lifetime.

Feeding part include feeding pipe,flashing pipe and solids discharge flange. Every pipe are connected with vale to change the feeding and flushing. Feeding pipe is same bearing with centrifuge bowl. Material through feeding pipe get into inside of decanter. And the material will distribute on the wall of centrifuge bowl under the centrifuge force. And then the water and solids will be separate into different layer because different density. The higher density material will bear bigger force and sink on bottom. The flushing pipe is used to feed clean water. We must clean the decanter centrifuge every time after finish work. To flush out the residual solids. Otherwise ,the solids will make the decanter loss balance when turn on in the next using.

Decanter centrifuge

The electrical control panel has normal and explosion-proof the two different type. As usual,the explosion-proof will be used on oil well drilling ,chemical material separation industry. EY,EC,EP are used for different separation target. If your project have demanded on decanter centrifuge ,welcome to contact us for more information.

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Also need shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, and drilling waste management system.

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