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GN will participate in CIPPE 2022 Petroleum Exhibition

GN solids control was funded in 2007,we have 15 years experience on the equipment manufacture about solids control equipment and separation equipment. As one of the famous solids control equipment, GN has exported his equipment to more than 70 countries, and service 5000 customer from all over the world. We are keeping focused on the technology development of separation equipment, and trying to manufacture the best equipment and help our client to solve their problem, improve their work efficiency, bring profit and value to them. GN has very good business on global market, except this, China is also the big market of GN. Every year, GN participated in different exhibitions include China and other countries. We hope to display our equipment and commute with our old customer about technology, which always bring some new ideas to GN and upgrade our equipment.


CIPPE is one of the most famous petroleum exhibition in China, GN will participate this exhibition this month. At this exhibition, we will bring our centrifuge, vertical cutting dryer, shale shaker and vacuum pump to display. As we all know, GN Decanter centrifuge and shale shaker are the most featured solids control equipment of GN. Especially the 14 inch centrifuge, which is specially developed for oil gas industry for the drilling mud treatment. Every year, we exported more than 100 units to different countries, this 14 inch Decanter centrifuge wined his reputation from market, stable quality and very work effective for the drilling mud treatment.

For shale shaker, we sold more than 200 unit every year. Some of the top oil gas company purchased GN shale shaker for their drilling project. GN shale shake was made in China and manufacture with USA standard, That means GN products own the top quality and competitive price. All GN solids control equipment are comply with API standard, and we can satisfied all client requirement to explosion proof. If you have demanded on these solids control equipment, welcome to contact us.

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Also need shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, and drilling waste management system.

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