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GN Solids Control manufactures different kinds of pumps including vacuum pump, submersible pump, screw pump and centrifugal pump. As one of the newest transfer pumps, GN Solids Control vacuum pump can transfer a large variety of sludge, especially sludge with high content solids and large particles.
By using GN vacuum pump, solids less than 75 microns can be transferred, and max. Solids content is 80%. GN Solids Control manufactures 3 models: GNSP-10, GNSP-20 and GNSP-40, flow rate is 10 m3/h, 20 m3/h and 40 m3/h separately..
GN vacuum pump is a air driven pump, need to have air flow when working, so an air compressor is mandatory. Due to GN vacuum pump is composed of mechanical parts and pneumatic parts without any electrical components, it can be used in any explosion-proof environment includes IEC, ATEX Zone 1 or 2.
GN Solids Control shipped 4 sets vacuum pumps to Africa weeks ago. This customer ordered 2 sets vacuum pumps with wheels which is GNSP-10 and GNSP-20, also 2 sets skid mounted larger pump GNSP-40. Customer will use these 4 pumps to transfer drill cuttings that discharged from shaker, desilter and desander. Also the smallest pump GNSP-10 is used to collect and clean drill cuttings fall to the ground during moving.
GN vacuum pump inlet need to within 8 m in order to have a better separating performance when moving slurry/sludge. Two timers are fixed on the control box which can be rotated easily to adjust the working time. Suck and discharge time is set at a certain no. Before leave factory.
GN vacuum pump actually is a off and on transfer pump, it sucks the slurry first and then switch to discharge, suck and discharge takes turns to work. In order to meet customers demands, GN Solids Control provided several different types of inlet ports and outlet ports for customer to choose, such as when transfer the drilling cuttings discharged from cuttings dryer, cuttings can fall into GN vacuum pump directly, while the discharge outlet is connected with a rotating port for cushion.

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Also need shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, and drilling waste management system.

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