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GN Mud Tank Cleaning System

 After a long period of use, the mud tank will deposit thick solids on the wall of the storage tank. This sludge is difficult to separate and need a lot of labor to clean manually. GN automatic tank cleaing system is specially developed to clean the drilling mud tanks.

tank cleaning

 GN automatic Tank cleaning system is main high pressure water pump, include vacuum pump ,chemical dosing system ,shale shaker ,inclate plate clarifier ,Decanter centrifuge.The following is the system work process.

1,The high pressure pump will supply clean water to the tank cleaning equipment  ,which  will jet the water to separate the sludge from tank.

2,GN vacuum pump can directly pump the sludge from the tank, and mixed the chemical with the slurry in the sticker tank .Then feed to the inclated plate clarifier。

3,The IPC (Inclated plate clarifier) has the special construct inside, which can settle the solids down the bottom.

4,The solids will be dischared by membranepump, and the will be pump to the water tank for reusing.

The system is automatic and water is recycling.For some tank that store the oil base mud, when we use this system to celan them ,we need to add the Oil Water separator. The oil water separatoe has the speciall constract inside. It separate oil and water by gravity straification.It is equipped with detachable coalescer,the oily waste water enters into the coalescer,separate the oil and water ,then the oil flows to the oil chamber, the water flows to the water champer .The tank design allowed to the fluids to stay in the tank for a reasonable time to ensure the complete separation of oil and water. After separate the oil will be recovery and water can be used for the cleaning again.

oil water separator

It is easy ,quick and high workable system for tank cleaning , if you want to know more,welcome to contact us.

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Also need shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, and drilling waste management system.

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