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GN Hydrovac Treating System

GN Solids Control provided some sets of hydrovac slurry treating systems in North America. By using one set of GN hydrovac slurry treating system, it can help to treat 30~50 truckloads every day.
Today we would like to share some questions our customers have, hopefully if you have similar questions, you will also find answers in the following:
1.What do you think about us pumping clean mud through these nozzles? We are very concerned about preserving water! Can we possibly re-direct mud from GN submersible slurry pump GN50YZ40A-10 on coarse shaker tank to introduce into flush nozzles?
Suggest you pump the water discharged from GN decanter centrifuge to flush, or at least use the water from the desilter tank. Too many solids in the coarse shaker tank, might block the nozzles. 
2.What is your experience with functionality of guillotine valve critical to control feed to coarse shaker? We add motor actuation to this valve.
According to our former experiences, our customers usually keep the valve in a normally open status, which is seldom adjusted. Slurry discharge is controlled by the hydrovac truck. It's good to use a motor actuation for sure, as long as the coarse shaker can treat all the feed slurry, you can leave the valve fully open.  But use motor actuation is option for high configuration system.
3.What do you think about install of removal grizzly bar sets at grade above square mesh for safety/ease of picking out rocks, trash,etc..? 
In our hydrovac slurry treating system, we fixed 2.5inch opening gratings to catch rocks. Do you want to add a second grating with smaller opening?GN opening gratings also help to protect the coarse shaker.
Now all those GN hydrovac slurry treating systems running well in customers’ work site. If you are feeling headache for treating hydrovac slurry, come to GN Solids America for your customized solution.

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Also need shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, and drilling waste management system.

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