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GN Drying Shale Shaker for Drying Mud Treatment

In solids control system, there was one drying shale shaker , which has higher separation G force, and user to drying the discharged solids.

Dry vibrating screen or dry screen is a kind of linear vibrating screen, which is used to minimize the adsorbed liquid phase of drilling cuttings discharged from the main vibrating screen and hydrocyclone, and return the treated liquid phase to the circulating system. The drying screen shall be used in closed-circuit circulation system or in places where it is required to reduce the liquid phase content of drilling waste. There are chemical and mechanical methods to reduce the discharge of liquid phase. The chemical method adopts the dehydration reaction system and the mechanical method adopts the linear vibrating screen. The two methods can be used alone or in combination.

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The dry vibrating screen can be combined with any equipment of the solid control system, such as linear vibrating screen, desander, desilter, etc. The solid phase discharged after the combined treatment of these equipment passes through a linear vibrating screen with fine mesh cloth (api200 mesh) to recover the liquid phase on the adsorbed solid phase. All the equipment is combined into a drilling fluid cleaning system, which is installed on the drilling fluid tank in a straight line with the main vibrating screen. When not used as a dry shale shaker, these equipment can also be connected to the drilling fluid circulation system to facilitate the separation of fine particles. These dry shale shakers are used to pump the treated drilling fluid from the desander and desilter, and then flow into the next stage of treatment equipment after drying.

GN drying shale shaker is one kind 4 panels shaker screen with high efficiency and stable quality. We can design and provide your solids control system with optimal way, if you have demanded on these , welcome to contact us to get more information.

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Also need shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, and drilling waste management system.

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