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GN Drill Cuttings Solidification Unit to Africa

Increase your environmental friendly drilling efficiency with GN products, one of the most important equipment is the Solidification / Stabilisation unit. The drill cuttings solidification unit is advanced and unique, which is quite flexible comparing the waste cuttings solidification plants.

 GN cuttings solidification unit shipping to North Africa

Solidification – Is an absorption process where contaminants, typically oils, are taken into the absorbent material in the same way a sponge takes on water. In general, solidi cation is the addition of absorbents such as soil, y ash, kiln dust, cement, clays or sawdust to the drilling waste. The solidi ed product will have improved properties such as strength, compressibility and a reduced permeability.

Stabilisation – Is an adsorption process whereby contaminents are electrochemically bonded to the stabilising agents. Contaminants that are stabilised within the matrix are less likely to be released into the environment. This process is particularly relevant to the stabilisation of heavy metals and oils that would otherwise be rapidly available to the environment through leaching.

The adeptness to coalesce or stabilise a accurate decay beck and the e ectiveness of the analysis is abased on the decay blazon and analysis reagent factors. Typically, adumbrative samples of the decay are class activated to actuate the a lot of acceptable conception above-mentioned to eld implementation. Selection of the conception is commonly based on key belief such as leachate superior and backbone of the nal product.

Solidification and stabilisation generally requires the use of specialised accessories and actinic reagents. The processes absorb signi deceit abstracts administration upstream and after of the bond unit. Some decay streams may accommodate contaminants that can arrest the solidi cation/stabilisation processes.

For the solidification / stabilisation action to yield abode it is important to carefully adviser the decay produced at the rigsite for levels of alkali baptize and oil. This will advice to minimise the use of reagents and optimise the process, thereby abbreviation costs and the ecology impact.

Thus, it is with the accomplishment and ability that Scomi Oiltools has developed over the endure 20 years that allows us to, accommodate safe, amount e ective and environmentally complete solidi cation and stabilisation processes.

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Also need shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, and drilling waste management system.

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