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Disassembly instruction of inlet pip

Inlet pipe as a spare part of decanter centrifuge, it need to replace sometime. The following is one case of inlet pipe replacement.

According to the photos client provided, the abraded place is sealing sleeve part of inlet pipe,and we guess the sealing sleeve was also damaged. In order to prevent the new slurry inlet pipe from being damaged again, the damaged sealing sleeve needs to be removed, and the removing of sealing sleeve will not affect the functionality of decanter centrifuge. After the sealing sleeve is removed, the gap between inlet pipe and the rotating parts will be increased, which will prevent the friction between inlet pipe and rotating part .

The specific steps for removing the sealing sleeve:

1.Remove the motor shield, take off the auxiliary motor belt, open the upper cover of the collection box, unscrew the mounting bolts of the centrifuge bearing seat, pull out the positioning pins. Use the sling to lift the centrifuge assembly and place it on a flat floor covered with rubber sheets or V-shaped sleeper. The component of centrifuge assembly can not be in contact with the ground to prevent damage the surface of the part and the mating surface。

Decanter centrifuge


2. Make alignment marks on the small end cover and the rotating drum, then unscrew the mounting bolts of the small end cover, push out the the small end cover and bearing seat with jackscrew. The bearing seat should be hung with a strap to prevent falling damage. The disassembled small end cover should be wrapped with plastic film to prevent dirt from falling into the bearing chamber.

Decanter centrifuge


3. Unscrew themounting bolts of small-end shaft , and push out the small-end shaft with jackscrew.

Decanter centrifuge

4. Remove the seal sleeve of the inlet pipe installed in the small end shaft, check and clean the material in the spiral mandrel, then align the small end shaft with the mark line before, assemble the small end shaft. Pay attention to check the spigot surface, use the fine oil stone polish the burrs and the bulge caused by the jackscrew during disassembling.

Decanter centrifuge




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